Body Sculpting

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What is Body-Sculpting ?

Bodysculping is the targeting of the fat in problem areas only. Areas such as stomachs, hips, love handles cheap tadalafil, buy lioresal online. thighs and buttox areas can now be isolated in a manner not possible with diet or exercise alone. Using advanced non-invasive technology that aims to reduce the stores of body fat only the treated areas are effected. This amazing technology can literally reshape your body to the way you always wanted it.

Who is BodySculpting For ?

If you are generally happy with your body size and weight, but, you have certain problem areas that traditional dieting and exercise have failed to help, BodySculpting is for you. If you would like to just shrink your stomach, thighs, love handles even a little, to improve your overall body shape, we can help. If you tired of spending hours at the gym trying to get rid of those problem areas, only to find that you are losing weight from everywhere BUT those problem areas, we can help. If you wish it was possible to target JUST the areas of concern while leaving the rest of your body just as it is, we can help.

Body Sculpting is a totally non-invasive (meaning that the skin is not penetrated). This non-surgical treatment that targets only the treated area. It is possible for us to focus on just your area of concern.

For men this is frequently their stomach or love handles. For women, it’s commonly shrinking their love handles, stomach or the size of their outer and or inner thighs.

Benefits of our BodySculpting Treatments

Target ONLY problem areas

No diets, extreme exercise or hunger

Impossible to achieve with diet / exercise

Change your shape, not your size

Very fast results

Why Choose Us ?

We specialise in body shaping

We research and develop scientifically based treatments

We have the latest technology

We know how to USE the latest technology

Short version, this is what we do ….

What to Outcomes to Expect..

In our experience, all clients will achieve a measurable reduction in circumference in the treated area at the conclusion of each treatment. In many cases, this can result in CM’s of reduction over multiple treated areas, in only a single session. Because the treatment is targetting the reduction in fat cells, the release lipids need to be processed by the body and eliminated. This puts a practical limitation on the results possible from each treatment. In most cases multiple treatments will be required to achieve the desired body shape.

The number of treatments depends on the body area being treated and the size reduction required. Reduction of minor love handles respond very well after 4-6 treatments. Inner thighs respond well after 2-4 treatments, mens stomachs require more treatments over a longer period of time but material changes can occur over 8-12 treatments.

From our experience, so long as the client does not make poor lifestyle or diet choices, the treatment outcomes last. We explain diet and lifestyle as part of our Body Sculpting treatments.

How Body sculpting Works

Actually, we utilisises multiple methodologies that work together synergistically to achieve the most rapid and long lasting changes in body shape possible. Our system aims to a) destroy the fat cells, b) mobilise the released fatty acids (fat) and c) promote their transfer to the bodies waste processing areas (lympatic system).

Unlike diet and exercise that reduces the size of all fat cells evenly (throughout your entire body), this treatment aims to breakdown the fat cell membranes, but only in the treated area. In effect this reduces the body’s fat storage capability in the treated area only. The end result is a reduction in size of the body in the treated area, hence the sculpting of the shape of the body.

Why Body Sculpting ?

The shape of your body is largely influenced by lean muscle mass, and fat deposits. On most people, fat deposits are not uniform and this leads to body shapes that you may not find appealing. There are many reasons for non-uniform fat storage, but mainly genetic pre-disposition will determine where you will have greater fat storage than other areas. Certain environmental, lifestyle and hormonal influences can cause the body to store fat in specific areas. When the body stores fat in a non-uniform manner, body shape issues can result. Diet and Exercise can assist this, but whilst the size of the area may reduce, the shape disorder often does not. For example, on men, a mildly protruding belly is often remaining, despite hours at the gym. On women, love handles or fuller thighs are frequently found on otherwise fit woman. Body sculpting often the solution as those problem areas can be targeted, leaving other areas that are not a concern to the client, untouched.

Before And After

The two clients below agreed to have their measurements before and after photographed. Treatments were the same. We followed our unique combination program which involves damaging the fat cells, mobilising the released fatty acid and stimulating the lympatic system to commence removal. As you can see from the time stamps, a significant reduction in was achieved in a short amount of time. This is not possible from gym or diet.

Why Choose Us ?

There is no single weight-loss alternative as effective

No painful workouts, no starvation

Power through weight-loss plateaus

Change your shape not your size

Results you won’t believe

The Next Steps

We understand the frustration of not being able to lose that last little bit of fat, or living with your non-ideal body shape. If you want to put this behind you then simply choose the first convenient appointment available in our live calendar below for your free initial consultation

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