Skin Tightening

Loose skin is the result of decreasing skin structure unable to hold it’s form against gravity. Now available a painless solution to restore skin structure and tighten skin creating younger looking and more toned skin

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Key Benefits of our Anti-Ageing Treatments

Tightens Loose skin on face, chin and neck

Reduces bags around eyes

Improves overall skin quality

No Injections, No Pain, Just great skin ..

Anti-Aging and Wrinkle Prevention

Elite Body and Beauty Clinics offer highly effective skin tightening treatments for most areas of body where loose skin can be a problem. The face, neck, jowls (under jaw), arms, stomach and thighs can all be effectively treated, with no pain, no downtime and of course no surgery. Thanks to recent advances in non-invasive cosmetic technology, tightening of the skin can now be done on almost anybody, without having to step a foot inside of a hospital. Results are visible immediately, and build with multiple treatments.

About the Skin

When the skin is healthy it will automatically adjust to the shape of your face, bodies and limbs just like a tight fitting glove. Unfortunately, aging, diet and environmental factors can damage the underlying skin structure, leading to reduced elasticity and the ability to bounce back. When this occurs, skin actually becomes stretched over time due to gravity. Equally, weight loss can also result in loose skin remaining after fat loss, frequently caused by popular weight loss methods which effectively starve the body of essential nutrients involved in maintaining skin elasticity. Whatever the reason, men and women with loose skin have been searching for a solution to tightening up the skin without having to go under the knife.

Our Treatments

Elite Body and Beauty Clinics use one of the latest non-invasive / non-surgical cosmetic skin tightening technologies available in Australia. Through the use of high Radio Frequency Energy (RF), the device generates carefully controlled sub-dermal heat (painless) stimulation to the treated buy doxycycline online, buy zithromax online. area. The treatment delivers an immediate, skin tightening effect from the initial application. Fortunately, this is followed by a progressive improvement in the quality of the skin due to further stimulating factors resulting from the other treatment benefits. Longer term improvements in skin quality are targeted with repeated us of the treatment device, which can :

  • increase collagen synthesis
  • increase Lymphatic Drainage of waste materials and toxins
  • increase Blood blow, bring greater nutrients to the skin
  • increase oxygen supply
  • decrease the fatty tissue (a flattening affect)

When the factors above are improved, skin quality and health improves as well, in effect allowing greater skin elasticity and a more healthy appearance. Our patients all show immediate improvement in the appearance of their skin, with ongoing improvements following each session. Multiple treatments are required in order to create dramatic and long lasting results because the treatment is actually increasing the health of the deep layers of tissue and skin, not just at the top layer. .

Treatable Areas

Face Lift Also known as a Non-Surgical Face Lift, this treatment can result in a dramatically younger face by tightening of the skin around the face and forehead. For clients wanting to improve the appearance of their face, the Non-Surgical Facelift adds wrinkle reduction therapy to general skin tightening therapy. Our clients regularly achieve tighter skin that has fewer lines and fewer wrinkles. Jowls and Neck Tightening The Jowls (under the jaw) and the Neck are very common areas on men and women that experience the signs of aging. Unfortunately, there are very few alternative treatments to reduce wrinkles or tighten skin in this area. Injections used to reduce lines and wrinkles on the face have little effect, leaving this as the tell-tale of your true age. Jowls and The Neck area are one of the most popular treatments in our clinic both because of the degree of effectiveness of the results, and the difficulties clients to have to find satisfactory alternative solutions. Arms (Chicken Wings) A very common condition for women and some men is excess skin on the lower arms, between the shoulder and elbow. Surgery has previously been the only effective treatment for this condition. Now, through advances in non-surgical cosmetic technology, loose skin around the arms can be dramatically reduced. Stomach For men and women who have undergone a weight loss program, excess skin around their stomach is a common complaint as the skin has not, or will never return to match the new contour of the body. Women who have had a baby may find that excess a�?flaba�� that is attributed to a post a�� baby belly is actually just excess skin. These areas respond very well to RF technology over a number of treatments resulting in a significant reduction in excess skin, or given sufficient treatment time and other factors a complete elimination of excess skin. Thighs / Buttock. Like the stomach, the skin around the thighs and buttock often never return to their previous tightness following weight reduction. The non-surgical skin tightening treatments offered at Elite Body and Beauty can significantly reduce excess skin and lead to a materially more toned appearance of the buttock and thighs.


Currently, there are few non surgical treatments available for the treatment of loose / excess skin. Despite the promises of those pushing exercise programs the bumps that clients see on their body are very often loose skin, and no amount of exercise will make any material difference to that condition. Our in clinic procedures are time efficient, taking no more than sixty minutes per treatment, with aA�substantial difference usuallyA�noticeable after the first visit. Our treatments are performed without any pain or discomfort in our modern clinic by staff trained on each of the machines. You simply lay back, listen to music, read a book or just relax while our experienced staff work on your condition.

Why Choose Us ?

We guarantee our results

Absolutely no pain, no downtime or discomfort

The best Long Term solutions

Comfortable clinic, no hard sell

The Next Steps

If you would like to learn more about your skin and receive recommendations that can improve the quality of your skin, we offer a free initial assessment and consultation. Simply choose the first convenient appointment available in our live calendar below

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