Weight Loss Program

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Want to lose weight, want to trim up for summer or just got problem areas ? Our Scientific Weight Loss program is designed to deliver rapid but sustainable reductions in body fat in a manner far greater than possible with traditional exercise. Our unique four stage program delivers reliable results far more quickly than traditional diet or exercise.

What Can We Offer You ?

Lose weight from all over your body or;

Eliminate problem areas like legs, hips, tummy.

Fast, healthy results that last.

Ideal when you have short term goals

We specialise in One Month = One Size

How does it work ?

First we optimise hormones for fat burning

Second we use a painless laser to release fat

Third we use our onsite gym for fat burn

Fourth, we optimase each of the above,

to deliver your ideal bodyshape. Fast.

Introducing Weight Loss

Our unique four stage scientific weight loss program is designed to cause your body to consume (only) fat while maintaining lean muscle mass and high energy levels. Each of our four techniques achieves a result, but when combined, dramatic results can be achieved.

Features of Our Program

Most weight loss programs are not easy, which is why getting and keeping your ideal bodyshape is hard. Our program is very different:

  • we do not require hours in a gym
  • no painful boot camp exercise programs
  • no food replacement programs, meal purchases etc
  • no pills, potions or other wonder drugs !
  • it will not make you hungry, tired or lethargic
  • it will give you energy, motivation and drive
  • it will generally, make you look younger and healthier

While we do offer each of the following individually, our combination program is by far the most cost effective and is where we know you will get rapid results.

Bio-Chemistry Optimisation Program (Stage 1)

We help you optimise your biochemistry. This means, we aim to maximise fat burning hormones while minimising fat storage hormones. Knowing how to optimise your insulin, leptin, cortisol, ghrelin, growth hormones and glucagon levels are so important. In fact, unless you are targetting these hormones, you are pretty much wasting your energy. No matter your diet, exercise or willpower your hormones will win every time

We help you understand how what foods affective these hormones, what exercises affect these hormones and how many common lifestyle factors dramatically affect these sildenafil reviews, clomid reviews. hormones. You may not know, that a VERY common form exercise actually stimulates fat storage hormones. Our clients are shocked to hear this one!

Laser targeted fat release (Stage 2)

Once your biochemistry is optimised, you will start to drop fat, slowly. Unfortunately, the human body sees fat as an asset so once it has it, it only wants to release it when absolutely necessary and even then, very slowly. Traditional weightloss programs only drop fluids and muscle mass, not much fat. You may lose 5kgs in a week, but put it on soon as you stop the diet. Unfortunately, that’s fluids, not fat. Most people now know, that most of the popular weightloss programs actually cause drops in metabolism after a few weeks which is why results (if any) slow or stop after only a few weeks of ‘progress’. Our program is completely different.

Our laser targeted fat release uses the most advanced weight loss therapy designed to release the lipids (fat) from your fat cells (fat stores) very quickly, much more quickly that if you did it through diet or exercise or even our biochemistry optimisation program alone. We do this by using a complete painless laser technology that can hasten the release of fat stores.

Our laser therapy is a crucial component of our scientific weightloss program. A major reason for failure common to most weightloss programs is the low speed of results. To truly loose fat (not fluids) it takes time with traditional methods, lots of time. Worst still, if you only have a few problem areas, its possible they will never go away, your body will hold only the final stores of excess fat stronger than ever. Our program is different. By dramatically increasing the speed at which your fat cells release fat, our program has a very high success rate because you see bodyshape changes in as little as one week, and it just keeps going. There is no better motivation like results! Our clients see results weeks after week, they fit into clothes, they get completed on how they look, they feel great.

Why Choose Us ?

There is no single weight-loss alternative as effective

No painful workouts, no starvation

Power through weight-loss plateaus

Long term results through education

One Month = One Size

The Next Steps

Whether you are looking to lose a single size for summer, or if you would like to change your total body shape, we are ready to help you achieve your goals. Simply choose the first convenient appointment available in our live calendar below for your free initial consultation

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