About Us

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Our clients initially choose Elite Body and Beauty Clinics for one or more of the reasons listed on this page. However, there are two factors our clients repeatedly tell us why they then refer their friends and family.

1. Our Treatment Results

There is no question. The treatments we offer our clients are treatments which we know work and will work well for each client we accept. We review each client before the treatment and design a treatment program based on the outcome the client is looking for. We will discuss the range of possible outcomes and how effective we think the treatment will be. We don’t sell a specific technology, we offer the client solutions to the problem they have. We do this because in most cases we combine the multiple technologies in our clinic to get the best result. The combination of treatments is unique for each client. We select that combination from considerable theoretical research, internal R&D and anecdotal evidence of actual treatments performed. Our programs are always being modified to reflect best practice from around the world, combined with our own clinical experience. This is the Elite Difference.

2. Our Competitive Pricing

Our pricing policy is designed to offer each client, value for money. Our prices, especially our package prices are up to 1/2 order zoloft, order Zoloft. the price of our competitors. In this field of cosmetics, there is no question that prices vary widely. Unfortunately, in our experience and that of a large number of our clients who have been elsewhere, price is not indicative of results. Therefore, we always refer our clients back to point 1 above, and then provide them with a quote to achieve the outcome. Equally, we do not seek to compete with the discount providers. We know that they cannot offer the outcomes that we offer, nor the time that we invest with each and every client. We are equally confident, that our outcomes are equivalent or better than our more expensive competitors. When you deal with Elite Body and Beauty Clinics, you can be assured that you are getting the outstanding value for money. Our reputation is one of our assets, we would never cheapen our brand, just for a few extra dollars.

And the Rest …..

Free Consultations !

If you are curious about what you see, and would like to learn more, then feel free to book a FREE, No Obligation Consultation. We are amused when we see other clinics / salons / spa’s charge for initial consultations, even when the ‘cost’ is credited against any purchase. If you would like to book a consultation, then you can check availability, and make your appointment right now by clicking this link here.

No Pain

We are shocked that so many people are STILL treated with extremely painful methods used to achieve a youthful appearance, body sculpting or even teeth whitening. Our technology is not only extremely effective, in many cases more effective than the painful competition. Especially in the field of skin treatments, the older technology was invasive to a degree either directly or indirectly taking off a layer of the outer skin. Not only do such treatments have limited benefit for deep collagen therapy, but, the pain associated almost certainly scares off most clients leaving them unwilling to follow the prescribed course of treatments. Please don’t link our lack of pain to ineffective treatments. You will see results after the 1st treatment !

We offer a Holistic Treatment Plan

Yes, our machines are highly effective AND pain-free, but we are not satisfied with that. For clients who sign up to our treatment programs, we provide additional advice regarding complementary actions to increase the effectiveness of the treatments both during and after our service. We provide advice on topical treatments, supplements, diet and environmental factors that will greatly improve treatment outcomes. Most clients are shocked when we tell them the items in their ‘healthy diet’ which are making their wrinkles worse!

Our Specialisation and Enthusiasm

We specialise in non-surgical body and beauty enhancements. It’s all we do. Our focus, research and practice revolves around offering clients the most advanced and well researched treatments for the conditions that we treat. We cannot emphasise how important this is for the treatment outcome. We know from experience that even small changes to the way treatments are carried out, large variances in outcomes can be experienced. We know this because it’s all we do and we monitor clients outcomes against predicted outcomes. Our team is also enthusiastic about healthy and beauty. We live it and breath it. We love to share our knowledge with our clients. It’s all about the service and the experience. Health knowledge is the most powerful tool in staying looking good.

Pleasant Environment

Our clinic is modern, attractive and practical. We burn essential oils and offer relaxing music during treatments. Four private treatment rooms are available.

Convenient Location

Our clinic is a 60 second walk away from the Wilson Carpark in Double Bay. The first hour is FREE .. We are approximately 10 minutes from the City by car, and thanks to the cross city tunnel, only a short drive from the Inner West, North Shore and Southern Suburbs. Of course, the Eastern Suburbs is at our doorstep .

Sensitivity & Confidentiality

Finally and most importantly! We understand that talking about one’s physical appearance is not always easy, but we are all sensitive and considerate to your feelings. Every client’s information is kept private. One of the reasons we have limited ‘before and after’ photographs is that our clients don’t want others to know they have been treated. Although we have amazing results, we equally respect our clients right to privacy. For those clients that want additional privacy we schedule after hours appointments via an unmarked entrance to our building. If you would like this, please contact us for further information.

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